Kim Jackson


Kim is our President and one of our Founders, and her son Jacob’s initials are part of the Camp LUCK logo. Kim and Jacob dreamed of bringing a camp for heart kids to the Carolinas, like the one Jacob had attended in California. Sadly, Jacob passed away after heart surgery at age 17, after attending the first Family Camp. His memory motivates Kim every day to keep moving forward and sharing Camp LUCK with heart kids and their families. She loves how the camp changes kids in such a short time, and the memories last a lifetime. Jacob is always with them in spirit – especially when she sings the Jacob Song!

If Kim could describe herself in one word, it would be “optimism.” This suits her, because she is always looking forward to the next big thing to come along. On simpler days, it’s just a chocolate chip cookie. Other days she wishes for time travel. She has so many camp memories after all these years, we know she would visit them all again if she could!

Byron Mulligan

Bryon Mulligan dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s (along with his law firm) to make Camp LUCK the non-profit organization it is today. He’s also a Dad to a Levine Cardiac Kid, like so many others on the Board of Directors, and is its Secretary. He’s no mind reader – like he would choose if he had a superpower – but he knew just what Camp LUCK needed to get on the books and get rolling!

While his legal skills may be by the book, Byron sees himself as multifaceted. He’s just as much at home looking for creepy crawlers in the creek with campers as he is in the law library, or figuring out how to get new places on his bike instead of in his car. He truly believes Camp LUCK is the best camp anywhere!

Adrienne Mauntel

Adrienne is a super-organizer, which is why she's so great at fund development for Camp LUCK. She even considers organizing her superpower! She loves sharing her exceptional process-engineering skills with Camp LUCK, which to her, is both “family” and “a way of life.”

She has been with Camp LUCK since its beginning because her son Ford was born with a CHD. In fact, her favorite camp song is the Ford song! She loves to sing it, though her favorite camp memory is hearing the Doo-doo-dilly-whopper story. It sent her reeling with laughter in a way we’d rather not explain! We’re glad she uses her superpower for good!

Gillian Jonathas

“Chef G”

As her nickname implies, Gillian has done some cooking – in fact, it’s her favorite memory of Camp LUCK! She once made 750 pancakes with her husband to feed all of those hungry campers. Now THAT’S cooking!

Gillian and her husband joined Camp LUCK when their son, who had a congenital heart defect, passed away. A sad time in their lives turned to a desire to help others – like a lot of our heart families – and in turn, Camp LUCK became their warm and loving family. If Gillian could choose a superhero power, it would be time travel – no doubt playing, talking, and enjoying a piece of triple chocolate mousse cake with a layer of crushed Oreos at Camp LUCK!