Christopher Camatcho


Chistopher is a high school senior this year and our Youth Board President. He remembers being a younger “cardiac kid,” when he faced the challenges of not being able to do the things other kids do, until he found Camp LUCK. He wanted to be on our Youth Board of Directors to “spread the confidence and attitude that the Camp has given me and other heart kids.”

Christopher describes himself as “resilient,” which we know led to his favorite Camp memory of the “Jackie Chan dive” at the first Family Camp polar plunge! Maybe he used The Force, because he is a big Star Wars fan. In his spare time you can find him slurping Cookout shakes and singing “Weenie Man” around the campfire with other Lucky kids.

Chase Collins

Chase is a good big brother, and our Youth Board Vice President, who decided to be a Youth Board member because his sister, Cassidy, has a heart defect called TGA. He learned about Camp LUCK through Cassidy’s doctor at Levine Children’s Hospital. Chase is a junior in high school, and a typical teenage boy. He likes singing Desperado as his favorite camp song, and says his favorite memory is when Avery set up a kissing booth at the carnival. Hmmm…


Aiden Bone

Aiden has been a part of Levine Cardiac Kids nearly all of her life – since 2007 – when her brother was born with AVSD, so she has been a part of Camp LUCK since the beginning!  Aiden is currently in 10thgrade and like most teens, sees herself as “enthusiastic,” likes playing Dodgeball and Rambo at camp, and loves eating ice cream. If she had a superpower, it would be to freeze time – to eat more ice cream or play more games, perhaps?

Emma Kate Eyssen

Emma Kate is in 10th grade and like a good sister would, got involved with Camp LUCK through her brothers who attend camp every year. One of her brothers has had heart surgery, so she looks forward to the fun family time at Camp LUCK! She sees herself as a compassionate person, but that doesn’t stop her favorite memory from being the time she played “Rambo” in the pouring rain at camp. Her choice of superpower – teleportation – would probably be a big help during that game. Otherwise, she loves to sing the Camp LUCK song and eat chocolate – though probably not at the same time!

Hillary Flores-Berman

Hillary is like a lot of our Youth Board – she’s involved in Camp LUCK through Levine Children’s Hospital because of a sister who was born with a CHD. She got to attend Camp LUCK for the first time in 2014 and loves being involved! Her favorite memory from camp was being a CIT and throwing a “LUCKchella” festival for the campers. The CIT’s got together and got all of the campers dancing and having fun. That’s the spirit!

Kelsey McCourt

Kelsey is a junior in high school, who got involved in Camp LUCK as a camper, and now wants to give back. She describes herself as kind, which we think is a great trait for someone who wants to help heart kids! If Kelsey could have a superhero power, it would be flying – which is probably why her favorite camp memory is flying in an air balloon. How cool! When she’s not flying, you can find her chillin’ with some ice cream cake, or singing Weenie Man around the fire at Camp LUCK.

Jayden McCroskey

Jayden is a big brother -- and that’s the only reason he needed to volunteer for the Camp LUCK Youth Board of Directors! Specifically, it is because he is big brother to Camden, who had a coarctation on his aorta. Being the BEST big brother means he went to Camp LUCK with Camden, and fell in love with it. Of course, he might also like getting to eat ice cream and build campfires (like that time he had to run to the lake to wash the charcoal off). Flying certainly would have gotten him there faster, and if he could choose a superpower, flying would be it. Until then, he’ll happily sing “Weenie Man” around the fire with his little brother and all of the other heart kids.

Kaylin Nolan

Kaylin is a high school junior who became a camper in 2013 while attending Camp LUCK with her brother, who is a heart kid. After 5 years as a camper, she decided to volunteer! She’s passionate about what she loves, and she says she definitely loves sitting around the campfire at Camp LUCK, making s’mores, telling scary stories, and singing songs. Her favorite is Dim Bones. If she had a superpower, it would be telekinesis – moving things with her mind -- which would be a great superpower for getting things done quickly at camp!


Mattie Polen

“Pokemon Girl”

Mattie Polen likes being different – in fact, she says the one word that describes her is “weird.” Well, it’s not WEIRD to want to help heart kids, Mattie! We think it’s great! Mattie says she first got involved in Camp LUCK when a nurse at Levine Children’s Hospital told her mom about it. Her favorite choice of superpower would be flying, which would certainly give her an advantage while playing Rambo at camp – her favorite camp memory. Her favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies (which is definitely NOT weird), and her favorite camp song is “I’m a Little Piece of Tin.”

Madison Ayers

“Mad Dawg”

Madison is one of our volunteers who was asked to help at Camp LUCK once, and kept coming back because she loved it. “Mad Dawg” says she is constantly inspired by the heart kids, their parents, and their siblings.

Though Madison says one word that describes her is “Smiley!” we know her enthusiasm is unstoppable because she answered every question we asked with an exclamation point and even a WOO!! She loves cookie dough ice cream and wishes she had the ability to fly (who wouldn’t?), but her favorite camp memory is from an outdoor concert where everyone was singing and dancing on the archery field. It’s the simple things!

Megan Campany


Megan came to Camp LUCK as a completely random choice of “something to try” after hearing about the camp from a friend of a friend after her freshman year in college. Heck, why not? Everyone loves Camp LUCK! And Megan loved it too. Since Megan wishes she had the superpower of time travel, we know she’d come back again and again to volunteer at Camp LUCK. Oh wait – she doesn’t need a time machine to do that!

Megan’s favorite camp memory is seeing a heart kid who was afraid to jump off the water trampoline, conquer his fears and enjoy it while fellow campers clapped and cheered! A winning moment for everyone!